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We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to learn. We have thus tried to bring forth the ideas and messages from various professionals about mental health.  Check out the events we've conducted so far here!

Project You x MAHAC: Let's Talk with Dr Avinash & Dr Priyanka

'Awareness and de stigmatisation is the beginning of a revolution'.
Taking this thought ahead, we ended our suicide prevention month campaign with an interactive session in collaboration with MAHAC, on the 12th of September.The session was led by two eminent personalities in the field of medicine and mental health, Dr. Avinash Desousa and Dr. Priyanka Kartari. The session progressed with a great blend of in depth knowledge of the various causes , risk factors of suicide and other related mental health issues, while also exploring a psychobiological approach towards the same.

Understanding Suicide with Ms. Nyamat Chadha

Our second campaign for the suicide prevention month was about destigmatising the overshadowed mental health concerns amongst doctors and breaking some myths with respect to suicide. Our speaker for this session was Ms. Nyamat Chadha, a clinical psychologist. Through her interview we gauged out a therapist’s perspective on how some shared myths about suicide prevent people from seeking help and how we can do our bit on a ground level to be a safe space for the people around us. Two very important takeaways from her talk were how medical professionals have attained a risk position with respect to mental health concerns amongst the raging pandemic  and how our perspective regarding the same needs to evolve. Tune into the interview to know more!

An interactive session with SPIF:
Dr Ashwini Murthy & Mr. Nelson Moses

We, at Project You, kickstarted our first campaign for the Suicide Prevention month in collaboration with the eminent Suicide prevention India Foundation (SPIF), on the 6th September, 2020. It was an interactive session with Dr. Ashwini Murthy, Consultant, Critical Care Medicine and Mr. Nelson Moses, the founder of SPIF. While Mr. Moses’s talk focused on the aetiology of the rise in suicide cases in the medical profession and the warning signs that can be looked out for in a person if they are suicidal, Dr. Ashwini Murthy spoke in depth about some hard hitting facts regarding the stigma with respect to suicide, focusing on the field of medicine. The talk saw a huge attendance by medicine aspirants and several students enthusiastically asked questions to our experts. The session offered bountiful  knowledge around the concept of suicide. Watch the video to psycho-educate yourself!

Rethinking: Depression

Rethinking was the riveting and thought provoking session Project you had hosted with Ms. Yusra Syed, a counselling psychologist, in collaboration with the Leo club of Navi Mumbai APMC on the 8th August, 2020. The session was attended by several medical students, professionals and mental health enthusiasts. The theme of the session centered around Psychoeducation about Depression, which included information about what depression actually is, how it differs from having a low mood, signs and symptoms of depression, and how we can change our thought processes and perceptions regarding the same. The speaker, Ms. Syed,  left us with some fantastic tips that we can pursue in our daily lives for the management of low moods. 
Knowledge is power! Tune into our video to get to know more about depression. :)