Working relentlessly in the eye of the storm; erratic shifts and fighting a long yet hopeful battle against this raging pandemic, our healthcare workers are indeed superheroes without capes. 

We, at Project You, are bringing to you an interview series with several health care professionals, who are working at varied locations and at different levels. Through this series, we aspire to give you a closer look at how they are trying to effectively deal with the increasing stress and a few mantras that they swear by to help cope with these perilous times in a more positive way.

Interview 1: Dr Saad Ahmed

Dr. Saad Ahmed is currently a 2nd year resident specializing in ENT from Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai. He hails from Pune and has completed his under-graduation from the same college.

He has been working tirelessly for the safety and welfare of humanity, giving his all in health-care settings while cutting himself off from his family and loved ones. In this interview, he talks about various different ways to de-stress followed by him and his fellow colleagues.

Interview 2: Mrs Sukhada Parab

Mrs Sukhada Parab is a staff nurse working in the ICU at K.B. Bhaba Hospital, Mumbai for the past twelve years. Finding joy in the smallest of things, Mrs. Parab and her colleagues are fighting against coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic in India. In the interview, she describes the stress and panic experienced by them in the beginning and how with every passing day, it decreases as they get accustomed to the new 'normal'.

Interview 3: Dr Raj Tiwary

Dr. Raj Tiwary is currently working as an intern at Dr. VVPF's Medical College & Hospital in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Despite the low number of Covid 19 cases in his town, Dr. Raj opens up about the realities of working in a world ridden with a pandemic, increased working hours and high levels of stress experienced by doctors on a daily basis. In this candid interview, he reveals to us the little things that his fellow doctors (and general population alike) could follow to detox themselves from this high pressure environment; thus enabling a healthier lifestyle that we need now more than ever. According to him, keeping up positive thoughts and relaxing activites are the only way to stay vibrant and full of zest!

Interview 4: Dr Vinit Valanju

Dr. Vinit Valanju has been a General Practitioner in Thane for 25 years and is an alumnus of the reputed R. A. Podar Medical College, Mumbai. Dr. Valanju sheds some light on the lives of our general practitioners, who are still the first point of contact for many medical complications in this pandemic. He addresses the risk and uncertainty associated with dealing with patients who may or may not be COVID positive. Having served in the medical community for over 25 years, he shares his opinion on his attitude toward dealing with patients and how to maintain a calm and relaxed composure. He advises his fellow healthcare workers to also focus on themselves while treating others, to maintain a good sleep cycle and diet if feasible and also recommends us to engage in hobbies and maintain a positive outlook in these dejected times.

Interview 5: Dr Rueeta Athalye

Dr Rueeta Athalye, a post graduate from the reputed Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, is a Child and Adult Psychiatrist practicing in Mumbai with an experience of over 10 years. She enlightens us about the continuously increasing cases of anxiety and insomnia seen in the frontline warriors as well as the general public in the past 2 months.
Her advice to the healthcare workers is to take time out for themselves and reduce their exposure to the incessantly pessimistic visual and audio input from the media. She stresses on the importance of taking necessary precautions and treating every patient as if they were positive. Her final message is that anxiety is normal in times like these and people should take help if necessary. She believes that this new situation can be treated as a learning opportunity and advises keeping in mind that all this is not permanent and things are definitely going to get better.

Interview 6: Dr Saurabh Jadhav

Dr Saurabh Jadhav hails from Patoda and has completed his MBBS graduation from Dr Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Medical College, Ahmednagar. He is currently preparing for NEET-PG in Aurangabad.
He has graciously agreed to discuss with us the issues faced by a doctor during this pandemic. He talks at length about what hardships one may face while on duty, the regressive mentality of some people and most importantly, he highlights the need for nationwide cooperation of the population in the fight against this virus. He has also shared a few tips for the general public to build and maintain their immunity. He says it ultimately boils down to the old adage of "Prevention is Better than Cure."

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